Johan Liljencrants
bitr. prof. em.
KTH (Royal Institute of Technology)
TMH (Dept. of speech, music and hearing)

Johan Liljencrants is a TMH oldtimer. His interests focused early on speech analysis and synthesis where in the 60's he took a leading part in the development of analysis hardware, the OVE III speech synthesizer, and the introduction of computers in the lab. Later work has shifted toward general speech signal processing, for instance in his thesis on the use of a reflection line synthesizer. His more recent interests have been in modelling the glottal system, parametrically as in the LF model of glottal waveshapes, as well as physical modelling including the glottal aerodynamics and mechanics.

Complementary professional activities include regular undergraduate tuition in Electroacoustics and, on a part-time basis, synthesis application program development in the field of handicap aids and dyslectic training.

Beside his private interest in music he indulges in various handicrafts like single-line flying kite design, carpentry, sewing, bottleship building, silver forging, and gem facet cutting.