WSPECT spectrum analysis package

by Johan Liljencrants

Wspect is a Win PC program for display and spectrum analysis of .wav files, some collected wisdom from my past work with speech. Results are displayed on screen in b/w. A main feature is that they are easily saved for documentation, either printed, or parts of them selected and saved as bitmap files.

The program opening screen displays the waveform and you can select part of it to analyze.

At the top menu bar you can select between three kinds of displays:

Waveform 2 dim Instantaneous value vs.time
Spectrum section 2 dim Spectral intensity vs. frequency. Taken at a sequence of time intervals, or LTAS (Long Time Average Spectrum)
Spectrogram 3 dim Spectral intensity as darkness on a frequency vs. time surface

Each selection invokes a window for further parameter selection. Results are shown when the Preview button is clicked - a click in the display returns to the parameter window. However, if you first click Select in the menu bar, then all or part of the display can be framed and saved to disk as a bitmap file.

This program is free. No guarantees can be given for its functionality, but I am open to receive any bug reports.

Download wspect.exe (647 KB)